How Many Times Should Bath Towels Be Used Before Being Washed?

Most people out there are probably not washing their bath towels enough and everyone's idea of this is different. So just how many times should bath towels be used before being washed?

When you ask how long people leave between using and washing their towels it ranges anywhere between washing after every use and waiting a couple of weeks. We would recommend a bath towel needs washing after every 3-5 uses, and that's a maximum!

You may think your towel is clean as you're using it to dry yourself after a bath or shower, but realistically you're scraping off dead skins cells straight onto it. Leave this for a few days and there will be tens of millions of bacteria harboured there. You also have to keep in mind this 3-5 uses only applies when a towel is hung up so it can dry efficiently. Towels left in a pile will stay damp and mould and mildew buildup will start occurring.

So you know how long between washes but how long should you keep bath towels before they need replacing? This is a little more tricky, how long is a piece of string? For hospitality linens, you're going to need to replenish your bath towels more often than what's used at home. Your towels will be, more often than not, getting washed after every use and will be used by many people in their lifetime. The best thing to do is keep an eye on the look and feel of the towel.

To keep your guests happy we would suggest checking towels are still fluffy and soft, there are no frays and no stains. There are also other tricks to prolong life like washing in a vinegar wash to remove the build-up of mildew or damp smells and then washing with soap and fabric softener to ensure they feel tip-top.

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