What Are The Benefits of Turkish Cotton Towels?

You’ve probably seen the term ‘Turkish cotton’ quite a lot whenever you’re looking at something to do with linen, especially when it comes to bath towels. Like Egyptian cotton, it tends to be a staple part of any linen manufacturers range of products and remains incredibly popular thanks to its high-quality attributes. But what exactly is Turkish cotton and why should you consider using Turkish cotton towels in your own hospitality establishment? Let’s find out!

What is Turkish Cotton and What are the Benefits of Buying Turkish Cotton Towels?

Turkish cotton is considered as one of the premium and more luxurious cotton types. Which make it perfect for use at hotels wishing to spoil their guests.

There are lots of benefits to introducing Turkish Cotton towel to your hotel, B&B or guesthouse as they offer so much more than your average cotton towel! Also, the Internet loves them!


In addition to the long staple fibre lengths producing a super absorbent towel, it also makes them feel silky smooth and soft. This is a sure fire way of giving your guests that little bit extra and creating an upmarket feel for your establishment.


The main benefit of Turkish cotton is its absorbency power. The long staple fibres lengths produce finer fibres on the towels. This helps it to be super absorbent but not quite as absorbent as Egyptian cotton. Though this doesn’t seem like an obvious benefit, it is actually a useful property as far as towels are concerned. Towels made from Turkish cotton will dry more quickly and in turn, be less inclined to absorb too much moisture from the atmosphere, especially useful in more humid climates! This means they don’t run the risk of going or staying damp which you can experience with other types of cotton.


The way Turkish cotton is made ensures it's tough and durable for everyday use. Perfect for a hotel! This means they withstand the test of time and last longer, saving you money in the long run.

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