Here's Why You Should Use Cloth Table Linens in Your Restaurant

Busy restaurants can go through hundreds of covers a day, meaning that multiple groups people have sat at the same tables throughout the day. Even smaller restaurants must ensure that each table setting is perfect for when a new customer arrives. Due to this, paper tablecloths and napkins tend to be a popular choice as they are quick and easy to dispose of and replace when setting the table for the next group of customers. If might be a simple choice, but it’s not great from a design and experience point of view.

This is where cloth tablecloths come in, as this minor change can make a substantial impact in any restaurant. Read on to discover the benefits of cloth table linen.

Cloth tablecloths are fantastic for both dining aesthetics and influencing the quality of the food

Having tablecloths made from cloth in your restaurant adds that touch of elegance that you will never be able to get with paper. It creates a premium feel that customers love and helps signify that your establishment is keen on creating a quality and classy experience. People eat with their eyes first. While the food is the main attraction, they want to eat it in an environment that’s aesthetically pleasing too.

Moreover, customers directly associate a restaurant having tablecloths with a better experience. According to a 2019 study that investigated the influence that table linen has on a real-life eating situation, ‘fabric table linen contributed to a significant higher preference of the appetiser and the meal quality in general’. Also ‘a better service, ambiance and overall experience at the restaurant were attributed to the fabric table linen.

Ultimately, three quarters of the customers involved in the study felt that the table linen was ‘an important element when eating at the restaurant.’

Restaurant table linens reduce noise in your restaurant

According to a 2011 news release by the European Commission, natural fibres like plant fibres or wool can be used to ‘construct sustainable sound absorbers that help prevent noise pollution’ and can be just as effective as those made from minerals and plastics. So, a cotton tablecloth, for example, can be an effective way of reducing noise in a restaurant.

Think about all the things that go on in a restaurant. Plates are put down on tables when serving and cutlery and glasses are constantly picked up and put down by customers. It’s all part of hubbub of a busy restaurant but reducing this noise can create a more relaxed atmosphere and help customers talk to each other at a comfortable level. A thick cloth tablecloth will act as a barrier between all this and the table, as well as absorbing sound in general by covering hard surfaces.

Sanitary reasons

While tables are obviously going to be cleaned between each service, having a tablecloth on the table is better than having no tablecloth at all. In the rush of a busy restaurant, staff may have only given the table a brief wipe down before the next customer arrives. If your restaurant is instead using a tablecloth then this is replaced between every sitting, so you don’t have to worry about the table surface itself being covered in food and bacteria.

Prevent spills from spreading

If someone spills a glass of wine over the solid surface of a table then it’s going to spread quickly. You don’t want it to spread to the edge of the table, so the customer ends up with wine all over their lap. Cloth tablecloths absorb liquid to help stop it spreading. While paper tablecloths may absorb liquid a little, you’ll always get a better result with a cloth tablecloth.

Helps the environment and your wallet

How many paper tablecloths and napkins do you think are thrown away each year? If 50% of the UK population were to use 3 paper napkins a day, that would be just shy of 100,000,000 napkins thrown away each day. Use the same formula for the US and you’ll get a number closer to 500,000,000. While these are just examples, that’s a staggering amount of paper that goes into the bin every day. In a world where we need to more mindful than ever about waste, it’s important to consider the impact that using disposable products has.

As we mentioned earlier, paper napkins aren’t great at absorbing liquids, so you’ll need quite a few just to mop up the liquid, while one cloth napkin may be enough to do this. Also, you often find that you take more napkins than you need. These napkins will just end up in the bin once they’ve been sitting on your table

If you think that the cost of buying paper napkins or tablecloths is so cheap that it’s worth it, just think about how much that costs adds up over time. The initial outlay of a cloth version costs more (although it’s not as expensive as you may believe) but this cost is covered by the fact that you’ll be reusing them, time and time again.

To sum up, it’s worth investing in bulk of cloth tablecloths and napkins. We offer a wide range of styles and colours to choose from, with materials included 100% cotton and polyester. Click here to take a look at what we have to offer at low trade prices. If you need help on choosing the right table linen for your restaurant, click here to read our guide.