Decorating Ideas For Your Bedroom In 2024

2024 embraces history when it comes to decorating ideas for your bedroom. From 1920’s glamour to Mid-Century simple functionality; to, quiet luxury and bringing the outdoors in, this year’s trends are sure to inspire!

Make a Statement – Monochrome is Back

Dare we say ‘History Repeats Itself’ we don’t think fashions are what Karl Marx was referring to, but it seems to apply to decorating trends and this year Monochrome is back, but let’s be honest it is a timeless classic that can be relied upon always.

Originating back in the 1920s monochrome first featured blocks of black and white or geometric designs so where is it heading in 2024?

In 2024 take a trip back in time to evoke the 1920s glamour of art deco in your bedroom and bathroom. Think chandeliers, think black and white prints, think glass. Don’t use patterns to create this look, just combine block colours throughout the room.

Both black and white lend themselves to numerous styles. This pairing is also perfect when it comes to minimalist Scandinavian styles, where you can mix them both with natural woods and fabrics, like wool. There are reasons why a well-known Swedish furniture superstore always stocks black and white picture frames!

Luckily for Vision Linens, the crisp black and white bedroom scheme is reminiscent of that hotel-like ambiance, and hospitality and hotel rooms are exactly what we excel at!  Whether you want sateen or percale, we have white options at every level of luxury.

Modern Luxury Bedroom

Quiet Luxury

Quiet Luxury continues its dominance from last year and remains en vogue for 2024.

Timeless in style and trend, Quiet Luxury is about being opulent and sophisticated without being ostentatious and showy! In the bedroom, this means a simple design executed with the highest quality products. We are talking about high thread counts, sateen sheets and casual throws matched with furniture pieces and mementoes you love regardless of what fits in and what others say!  

Want to take Quiet to another level, try ‘Elevated Luxury’ which is simply ‘Quiet’ supersized to include oversized armchairs and furniture and that extra bit of luxe in the layering.

Liddell is the perfect choice for this trend, ‘Quiet Luxury that whispers and doesn’t shout.’ Liddell has been making textiles since 1866 and is synonymous with ultimate luxury being chosen recently as a supplier for the iconic Burj Al Arab, Dubai.

Liddell Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet covers are 400 thread count, pillows and duvets are duck down and accessories are cashmere, mohair and lambswool – the finest of materials.

When elevating luxury, we recommend you supersize your bedding and put a super-king duvet on a king-size bed, the fall and fold of the cotton is so much more voluptuous and elegant. 

Bring the Outdoors In

Bringing the outdoors in, in the living room has been a trend for architects and a headache for builders for many years, and now it is moving to the bedroom. If you don’t have a bungalow or a balcony, how exactly can you marry that outdoor feel in your bedroom?

Start with plants. If you have space, create an area that is an indoor plant oasis by layering plants, of varying heights and colours. Potted bamboo is a good place to start for height alongside the classic cheese plant. If space is limited, create a plant wall by attaching your pots to walls, or placing them on a series of shelves to cover the wall with varieties that cascade alongside climbers and succulents. Don’t lose heart if you don’t have floor or wall space, you can always create a feature with hanging plants by attaching hooks and pot holders from the ceiling, spider plants, string of beads, and types of ivy are perfect.

Next use natural materials. Favourites include wood, wicker, stone, and very much on trend at the moment - rattan. You can see rattan incorporated into furnishings currently, including wardrobes and bedside tables.

Choose colours found in nature for your walls, greens, blues, greys, and sand. These will all give a sense of the outdoors or choose wallpapers and décor that depict the outdoors like birds, jungle, trees, or the ocean.

Finally, for a real outdoor feel, satiate your senses by adding an atomiser, candle, or incense to give a floral, shoreline, or woody smell.

However you create your outdoors in the bedroom, remember high-quality white bedding will enhance every choice!

Tropical House Plants

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern stems from the stylish, functional wooden furniture popular in the middle of the 20th Century. Furniture was designed with clean lines, simple forms, and functionality. You may know this look as Retro and often the sleek furniture lines are combined with accents of bright colours like orange, yellow, and green.

Furniture by original makers like Morris, McIntosh, Nathan, and G-Plan are sought after to complete this look, however, modern pieces that create the desired look and style can easily be used to replicate Mid-Century Modern.

For the bedroom, replace your bedside drawers with mid-century coffee tables, go retro with a tryptic dressing table mirror and if you have space, a signature Eames chair would complete the look.

Keep your bedding simple, use colours in your accessories, and complete the look with a spider plant!

Minimalist and Tech

Minimalist is all about being clean, crisp, and tidy and tech doesn’t always allow you to achieve it. If you haven’t preplanned your wiring, then tech can be a problem! Not anymore!

Let's start with the benefits of minimalist décor. As well as less dusting, it is said to improve wellbeing and promote a better night’s sleep; less mess means you can relax and unwind.

2024 sees innovative new tech integrated and concealed into décor and furniture which means light switches, docking stations, and side lights could be a thing of the past and AI makes your life easier every day.

Look out for:

  • Smart, adaptive lighting that adjusts colours to match temperature and creates lighting solutions that mimic the time of day.
  • Beds that control your temperature, adjust softness, and track sleep patterns.
  • Intelligent bedside tables that feature wireless charging, built-in fridge, and Bluetooth speakers.
  • Pillows that use AI to detect snoring and adjust your head position accordingly!

Pair with Vision hospitality bedding which is designed to make life easier for all housekeepers!

Cosy Bedroom In Pastels

And Finally

We see the bedroom canopy making a comeback!

Soft and voluptuous, a canopy delivers grandeur that inspires romance and foreign shores. What you pair it with is up to you, but to stay on trend your old-fashioned bed-making skills will be called upon -  as a flat sheet, folded down a little at the top and then turned back over standard pillows is also making a return. Interior designers refer to this as Monastic bedmaking!

We have everything you need to make your bed match your new look. Our speciality is white, hotel-quality bedding that never goes out of fashion.


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