Outdoor Dining And Living

In recent years outdoor dining and living has become less about the practical and weather-resistant and more about comfortable living and soft furnishings that create a relaxed environment that is an extension from indoor spaces.

Vision are experts in creating the perfect dining experience when it comes to linens so our team have explored what is trending in outdoor furnishing this year, and how our products can fit into your outdoor living look. The ultimate indoor/outdoor look this year is the garden bed, and we think that hotel luxury look we excel at is just what is needed.

Outdoor Dining

Taking the lead from outdoor relaxation, garden furniture is becoming more ergonomic.

For outdoor furniture, the trend is friendly shapes and ultimate comfort.

Tables are losing their sharp corners and engaging soft curves! Oval, semi-oval and circular tables are becoming the focus as diners now communicate with the whole gathering instead of just the person opposite.

Breakfast In The Garden

Dressing the Outdoor Dining Table

Timeless Dining

At Vision, we like a timeless classic look for an outdoor table, so our recommendation is white.

Start with a white tablecloth, and pair with matching napkins. If you choose white for the basics you can create different looks for different occasions.

For Breakfast: Fresh Contrasting Colours

Choose clean and contrasting colours. We love blue and white for breakfast, it is fresh and vibrant the perfect way to start the day. Blue and white also evoke memories of the seaside and outdoor days in the sunshine.

For Afternoon Tea: Florals

Florals for Afternoon Tea never go out of fashion. Use fresh flowers to make napkin rings, posies and table centres. For napkin options, you could choose an array of colours that reflect garden flowers. We love chilli, heather, and paprika from the Vision plain range. Alternatively, you could mix and match, for afternoon tea and choose non-matching napkins for a quirky touch.

Table In Garden

For Dinner at Sunset: Elegant candlelight

Sunsets demand candles and tealights which make the perfect accompaniment for outdoor dining. Feature tealights in holders around the garden will create an air of romance, but place carefully to avoid surprise fires. For decadence and luxury, choose dark green that reflects nature, or even black with contrasting white tableware.

For a BBQ:  Colourful Options for all Themes

Choose a coloured tablecloth and napkins. Sticky fingers and BBQ sauce are not a match for white linen. If you have a theme then choose a colour to match the theme. We have 15 colours in our dining and napkin ranges.

Vision also stock a range of kitchen and waiter towels for that professional chef touch.

Outdoor Living

Away from the dining table, sofa sets are also losing their sharp corners as they adopt a curve that softens the seating spaces. Modular furniture is also making a grand entrance as multifunctional spaces mean flexibility is key.

Naturally sourced and sustainable materials are a perfect option for the garden. Bamboo has become a favourite with furniture manufacturers, it is both long-lasting and eye-catching and repurposed wood including scaffolding boards and pallets.

Bringing the outdoors in has been trending for several years now, but this season bringing the indoors out is equally fashionable. This year the flow from one to the other is a key part of achieving cohesion and easy, relaxed living.

Start with an outdoor rug. Place your dining table and chairs onto an oversized outdoor rug to define your eating space. Guests will love arriving to a clearly defined dining destination. See our decoration tips below.

Alternatively, arrange your outdoor sofa and chairs around a rug and a central coffee table, this combination creates a more relaxed sociable space to enjoy conversation and drinks.

Group Of Friends Dining

Ultimate Outdoor Living

For something truly luxurious and a statement that shouts ‘relax’ create an outdoor bed.

Place a hammock, bed or mattress in a sunny spot and surround it with a canopy or sheer panels to create an intimate and secluded space.

Start with plain white bedding a classic hotel luxury statement which will impress. White is the perfect backdrop for layers of sumptuous pillows, cushions and throws of any colour. 

Not only is this a space to enjoy a nap, it is a space children can play games or read in or a place to gather with friends to share secrets.

Essentials in the soft accessories category are cosy blankets. At sunset when temperatures drop and fires are being lit, a selection of blankets to snuggle into will be welcomed.

The Finishing Touches

String lights are a magical way to guide guests to your dining area. Choose solar-powered options which means you are not limited to location.

To bring the indoors out, consider lanterns and lampshades which add an unexpected touch of opulence to your space. Charity shops are the perfect place to source something reasonably priced and quirky. If you are brave enough go wild and hang a chandelier!

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