How To Create A Luxury Experience In Your Holiday Let

Competition in the hospitality sector and holiday rental market is getting tougher year on year. As guests search for unique accommodation, secret locations and bewitching experiences standing out and exceeding expectations means taking your offering to another level.

Putting expectation into the guest experience equation, we share some tips for luxury that will bring in 5* reviews.

What is 5*?

In terms of hotel ratings 5* is the highest official star rating for quality and luxury. 5* includes meeting criteria surrounding property quality, cleanliness, amenities, food services, entertainment, view, room variations, ease of access and staff behaviour to name but a few!

What can we learn from hotels deemed 5* and 7* and how can holiday owners take their offering to another level?

Firstly, it is unlikely your guests are looking for 7* luxury, or even 5* luxury as that requires onsite restaurants, swimming pools and spa facilities, which the average holiday home just doesn’t offer. Guests booking a holiday home are looking for a home away from home, somewhere to relax and put their feet up after a day of exploration, somewhere they can enjoy a meal and talk about their day, somewhere they don’t have to clean for a week!



Which Criteria Can You Make 5* to achieve a 5* Review?


This is an easy win for a holiday rental, as cleanliness can be achieved in every corner of your holiday rental. Put together your cleaning toolkit. On top of the vacuum cleaner, hotel housekeepers recommend the following:

Essentials: gloves, microfibre cloths, coarse sponges, rag bags

  • For the floor: mop, brush, floor cleaner
  • For the general clean: extendable duster, all-purpose cleaner, rinse cup, shower and window squeegees

For the deep clean: scrub brush, oven cleaner, mildew/limescale remover, drain cleaner


So, you don’t have a pool or a spa, what do you have?

Take the spa feel into your bathroom! Little extras that don’t cost a lot can create a lasting impression. Complimentary slippers, face cloths and even a waffle bathrobe elevate your offering and will gain you great reviews.

One of the most principal elements of guest feedback revolves around a good night’s sleep. The comfort of the mattress, the firmness of the pillows and the feel of the bedding against the skin all contribute to the quality of sleep a guest can achieve.

Choosing 5* options like high thread counts, pillow options and even sumptuous bed toppers all show just how much you care about your guest experience. Make sure your filled bedding suits the season and flat bedding is laundered and smells fresh and clean.



Food Service

Whole home holiday rentals just don’t come with an onsite restaurant, but that’s not what your guests are looking for. They are looking for a kitchen to cook in, somewhere relaxing to dine and a few restaurant recommendations.

Ensure your rental has all the cooking and dining essentials. Pots, pans, baking trays and utensils. Provide a full set of crockery and glassware, including a few spares in case of breakages making sure that everything matches and looks beautiful when adorning the table.

It goes without saying, but we will say, ensure the cooker, fridge, microwave and any other electrical items are clean and ready to use.

A welcome basket and some essentials like tea, coffee, sugar and milk will put a smile on your newly arriving guests, especially if they have had a long journey.

Restaurant recommendations can included in your welcome information. Give a brief explanation of the food style and if you have eaten there yourself you could even recommend a favourite dish. That personal advice speaks volumes to demonstrating your attention to detail.


Your guests are not expecting a cinema room or a cabaret show, however, they are expected to be able to entertain themselves.

Your first essential for all guests is free access to Wi-Fi and where possible good MPS figures. There are likely to be multiple devices needing to login and there will likely be movie or game streaming at some point during the holiday.

In addition to the Wi-Fi, a selection of games is always a winner with guests to keep them entertained and to fill the room with laughter. Attention to details shows your dedication to creating a perfect holiday home, so think about personalization and local games or traditions.

As with restaurants, it is important to include entertainment recommendations in your welcome pack. Details of a local theatre, cinema or venues with music are easy to provide.



Staff Behaviour

Inevitably, for a holiday let, staff will be homeowners like you!

Communication from the initial enquiry to a follow-up after your guests return home should be made swiftly and as well as including all the relevant and important information should be warm and welcoming.

Building a relationship with your guests before arrival means guests will be more likely to follow house rules and be respectful of your rental home.

Maintain a warm and friendly relationship so that should they need to contact you or have a complaint, you can deal with it within a timescale that keeps everyone happy.

Create a bond and you might even be lucky enough to get the guests that do a clean and strip the beds before they leave and return in 12 months!

A New Week, A New Guest

Attention to detail for every customer from the beginning to the end of your holiday season is crucial. We know the hours can be long, the bookings sporadic and the guests unpredictable, but we know you can keep smiling, keep cleaning and keep topping up the welcome packs.

For all your bed, bath and dining linens we have you covered!

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