What Will Your Christmas Napkin Say About You This Christmas?

When it comes to the dining table this holiday your first decision should be what Napkin art will adorn your table!

This holiday choose a splash of colour and napkin designs that will wow your guests.

In the 1970s, in this writers experience, the napkin was not what it is today! In our house growing up the Christmas napkin was always paper and I only saw red, green and white options. The dining table always looked a treat, but we have come along way since my childhood.

The dining table is now a statement that needs to be fit for Instagram and the backdrop of family photos. We now see a multitude of colours adorning the holiday table and the regimented colour schemes have disappeared in favour of complimentary neutrals, an array of pinks, thanks to Barbie, and rich hues of blue are appearing along with the sparkles of silver and gold.


No Longer The Humble Napkin

The napkin is no longer a humble addition to the dining table on which to wipe your sticky fingers or lips, which is stuck in your collar to collect the drips, although you will of course use it this way!

Today the napkin is a decorative item forming an integral and important element of the pre-dinner decoration and experience.

So given we are suppliers of napkins to the hospitality industry and experts when it comes to table linen we wanted to share our favourite holiday season napkin designs.


The Double Star: We love this in silver or gold!

Silver and gold are a symbol of wealth and opulence, so are sure to impress guests. Silver also enlightens the mind and illuminates the way forward perfectly apt for the star shape which represents positivity, happiness and renewal. Could anything be more perfect for a celebration at the end of a year?



The Lily: Beautiful in the a Christmassy Red!

Red is the colour of love, but also of caring and acceptance and the lily is the symbol of remembrance and rebirth. This combination red and the lily lets your guests know they are welcome in your home and that this is a time to embrace one another and create lasting memories together.



The Leaf: Going Green all the way!

The colour green represents nature and the environment but also generosity and youth is the perfect partner for the leaf whose symbolism in many cultures is related to fertility, growth and hope. Guests will see you send a positive message for the future and for family.



The Christmas Tree: Perfect for the Neutrals!

The tree inspires and expresses our feelings of gratitude and happiness and alongside the neutral colours which offer a calming influence and a feeling of trust are the perfect way to show your guests they can put their trust in you and that you can be relied upon.   



Elf Hat: This one is lots of fun and looks good in Chocolate

Elves are cheeky, full of fun and they have tonnes of enthusiasm and creativity! We all know what the Elf on the Shelf gets up to! Chocolate represents warmth security and comfort and who doesn’t want that from their host at Christmas? We see the Christmas Party that has Chocolate Elf Hats adorning tables, full of dancing and games where no one is afraid to play charades!

Elf Hat


Sweet Simplicity!

Feel like you are not up to napkin art? Retro is all the rage, so unfurl your napkins and pop into your wine glass so it resembles a fountain or pair them with a traditional napkin ring, this looks great with a classic white napkin or an on trend navy.

What does it tell your dinner guests? It tells them you spent more time on the food and drink.


Whatever combination of colour and style you choose, remember to use your napkin, it’s not just a thing of beauty, it saves sticky fingers and best shirts! Take our look at Visions' full range of Napkin Colours here.

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