How to Store & Keep Your Linen Smelling Fresh

Spring clean and give you or your guests the perfect environment by keeping your linen smelling fresh even after they have been washed. By storing your towels and bed linen correctly you’ve more chance of them still smelling sweetly when you come to change the bed and bath linen. In places such as hotels, linen can end up being stored away for months, so it’s worth taking the follow precautions to be sure it’s always usable, no matter how long it’s been since it was last used.

Room to Breathe

It’s important to give linens the room they need to breathe. Over packing shelves with too much bed linen and towels stops the air circulation necessary to keep linen smelling fresh. You can also limit the chance of musty smells by lining the shelves with scented paper or adding dryer sheets between the linen.

Cycle Your Linen Usage

To ensure you always have fresh linens it’s important to have a good rotation of stock. When putting fresh linens in the closet for storage ensure you put them at the back or at the bottom of the pile. This way the linens that have been in there the longest will be used first, leaving less time for stale smells to appear. It’s also important to use a storage space that’s cool, dark and dry. If it’s humid add pre-packaged de-humidifier granules to soak up some of the moisture.

Put Away Dry

This may seem like an obvious tip but linens should always but stored away completely dry. The tiniest amount of moisture in your towels or bedding can help to breed mildew smells which can transfer on to your other linens too. If you usually line dry your towels and bedding, it's a clever idea to stick them in the dryer for a quick spin to ensure they're completely dry. At the same time, you could pop-in a fabric softener sheet to ensure it's extra fresh.

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