How To Create a Luxury Hotel Bed At Home

Unless you’ve opted for a hotel that costs hardly anything and doesn’t exactly have a glowing reputation, chances are that the bed is going to be something that’s going to be hard to leave behind. After all, if a hotel can’t get the bed right then what’s the odds that the rest of the hotel won’t have issues? But even when you’ve left the snug confines of that amazing hotel bed, you don’t have to leave it all behind. Here’s our expert tips on how to make your bed look like a hotel bed.

Before we start, you're probably wondering where those 5-star hotels get their bedding in the first place so you can use the same bedding in your home. The good news is that you're already in the right place, as Vision Linens is a leading supplier of bedding to hotels across the UK and Europe, and we're more than happy to ship our bedding direct to your door at home. Take a look at our Hotel Pure Luxury collection of bedding to order smaller packs of our hotel-approved bedding.

1. Get all white bedding

White bedding with cushions

One thing that you’ll find the most common in hotels is that they tend to use all white bedding. We’ve published a blog on this before, but it basically boils down to the sheer practicality of using white for all their linen so it doesn’t get mixed with colours and the fact that a guest can instantly tell if the bedding is clean.

Up until the 1990’s coloured bedding was a common sight in hotels, as they found them easier to keep clean as white obviously stains easily. However, Westin hotels conducted a study where they found that an all-white bed created a ‘halo effect’ that made people think ‘a room had been renovated, even if it was just the bed that had been changed.’ It also shows simplification and a move towards minimalism. The last thing you want from your hotel room is a cluttered feeling, and the same should be said for your bedroom at home. Try to create the most relaxing space possible, because it should always be about creating the most comfortable sleeping sanctury possible.

So, in conclusion, if you can’t afford or don’t want to carry out a full bedroom renovation then simply changing your bedding can have a dramatic effect. See our full range of bedding here.

2. Nothing can beat cotton bedding

All white bedding with black headboard

Go to any hotel and you’ll find, more often than not, that the bedding is made of cotton. Those crisp-white hotel sheets that you slide under are typically around 300 thread count and are made of cotton, usually Egyptian cotton, or even Turkish cotton. Cotton is a breathable material that helps you stay cool throughout the night, so it's the perfect material for creating that perfect sleeping experience. 

300 thread count bedding is a good sweet spot as these are soft enough to be comfortable, but not as weak as higher thread counts can be. It’s easy to get sucked in by retailers saying that high thread counts are the best, but if you want them to last you want bedding that’s going to be durable enough to go the distance, just as hotels do. Hotels will wash their bedding hundreds of times before it's finally disposed with, so you can be sure that they're always going to go for quality they can rely on. After-all, a 200 bedroom hotel isn't going to appreciate the cost of having to replace all their bedding every few months. 

In hotels the bedding is changed on a regular basis as hundreds of guests will use the same bedding over the course of a year. While it may only be you using them at home, you can’t beat the feeling of climbing into fresh, clean bedding on a regular basis.

More more details on the type of bedding that hotels use, read our 'what kind of bedding do hotels use?' article.

3. Settle down with down pillows

Natural down pillows

Down pillows are a favourite of hotels, especially in luxury 5-star venues. These pillows are made of clusters of duck or goose down instead of feathers, which is normally found around the belly area of the bird. They’re fluffy, soft and allow you to sink right into them for a perfect night’s sleep. Sometimes there might also be some springiness on the surface as the clusters inside compress, but they tend to be less supportive than pure feather pillows because you sink into them.

Pure feather filled pillows tend not to be as soft as down and, as feathers have quills, they can become uncomfortable over time as they poke through. Although thick pillowcases and pillow protectors can somewhat minimise this. However, the quills inside the pillow line up and create a more supportive pillow for your head. You can ensure feather pillows remain soft over time by manually fluffing them on a regular basis.

Feather and down is often combined too, giving you the best of both worlds. Our goose down pillows are one of our most premium hotel quality pillows. The goose filling makes the pillows breathable, regulates the temperature of your body as you sleep and offers great support.

But you shouldn’t rule out synthetic pillows, especially as they can act as great down alternatives. Our 100% cotton microfibre filled pillow is one of our most popular pillows amongst the many hotels that we count as customers. There’s a reason why it gets comments like the ‘best night’s sleep I’ve had in years.’ Plus, for those who have allergies to natural fillings like feather, good synthetic pillows can give you that ‘just like down’ feeling and save you some money at the same time.

For more help with choosing pillows, refer to our pillows buying guide.

4. Opt for uber comfy duvets

Goose down duvet

When you boast about how comfortable the bed is, you ultimately boast about how good the duvet is. Hotels tend to be match their duvets with the same type of filling that their pillows use, so look at some down duvets for that extra fluffy, ultra plush springy feeling. It has the advantage of being the warmer choice over other duvets, which makes it perfect for snuggling under during the cold Winter months. Down is also more durable than feather duvets, so if you don’t want to replace your duvet for a good few years then this is the option to go for.

But, as with pillows, don’t rule out synthetic filled duvets too as these can have comparable properties and comfort to down duvets. It’s important to shop around and make sure you read all the details and reviews before you decide on what you want to buy. Our duvets section has both natural and synthetic duvets.

It’s a clever idea to team your duvet with a premium cotton duvet cover for maximum impact. Take a look at our duvet covers section and you’ll find plenty of inspiration.

And there you have it, a few great ideas for you to turn your bed into one you’d find in a luxury hotel. Now go forth and enjoy a great night’s sleep!