Vision At Heimtextil 2024

Last week the members of the worldwide Vision and Westpoint Teams visited Heimtextil 2024 in Frankfurt.

Members of our incredible Retail Team, based in our Head Office in Blackburn, Warren, Hannah and Rebecca share their impression of the event, products and trends.

Warren Gell, Retail Director

Heimtextil brings together textile manufacturers and suppliers, and showcases the very latest technology, textile innovation and sets a base for trends in the coming year. High on the event’s agenda was sustainability and this was promoted and supported by attendees and exhibitors. At Vision we prioritise our accreditations to ensure we work ethically, fairly and sustainably within our communities worldwide so I was pleased to note exhibitors displaying the accreditations we have, like Oeko tex, BCI, RWS, ISO and Investors in People. It encourages us to work on collaboration and partnerships when businesses share the same ethos as us and I was able to discuss supply chain management, raw materials and new product development.

Something that I am personally passionate about is packaging and circular economy and I was inspired to keep innovating in this area. Recycled plastics and packaging is becoming more and more mainstream, rather than just high-end, and it is a simple way to connect to consumers who care about the environment. I will be exploring options for Vision across our ranges in the coming months.

Heimtextil Crowd For several years now beige and neutral colours have been popular and these remain in focus in the living room and bedroom, however, when it comes to bathrooms, bright colours are making a welcomed return. In addition to the usual towel sizes and materials, I noted a focus on beach towel sizing (70 x 140cm) and waffle fabrics across exhibitors, and it was exciting to see the layering of bold colours against white and the use of combined textures.

I saw many products that I was impressed with and talked to exhibitors about what we envision our future products should be made of, how they should feel and what look we would like to achieve. I believe Vision are already setting standards in the industry and our continual search for product innovation will continue this legacy.

As a Non-Executive Director for Made In Britain, I am excited to be working on a locally made product and Heimtextil was an opportunity to see exactly how we can make this happen in 2024.

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Hannah Rigby, National Account Manager

It was evident that the textile industry has put sustainability at the forefront of future projects and although this will take time and investment the commitment from suppliers and customers shone through at Heimtextil 2024.

Sustainability was demonstrated across the halls and I was particularly impressed by the use of incredibly coloured, sustainable yarns that were produced using fewer chemicals and unnatural dyestuffs.

We were lucky enough to attend talks about the sustainability goals that are being set and both learn and share from each other's experiences.

I came away inspired to initiate development work with our partners and customers.

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Rebecca Lee, National Account Manager

Heimtextil was the perfect opportunity to connect with many of our retail customers in one place. Meeting OOO, in a relaxed environment, allows space to discuss big-picture goals and future projects and is an opportunity to explore how to maintain or improve relationships and opportunities for new product development (NPD).

Exhibitors were keen to demonstrate accreditations like Oeko-Tex, ISO and GRS which Vision are already committed to, so it is good to know we are working at such a high level in the industry already.

It was good to explore new products that I can bring to our retailers and also heartening to learn that Vision products like Liddell are on trend, as the neutral palettes of creams, beiges and browns remain popular.

Spending time with colleagues from our overseas offices in America, Bahrain, India, Pakistan and China was an opportunity to collaborate on ideas and to establish what we are capable of and what exciting products we can bring to the market next year.

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Heimtextil 2024 Exhibition

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