V Wipe & Dry Flame Retardant Waterpoof V-Shaped Pillow

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The FlamsecuR™ v-shaped flame retardant pillow has a breathable and waterproof outer has a white wipe down outer to offer reassurance, safety & comfort. It also offers fantastic support when sitting up in bed. Need a pillowcase to go with it? Try our v-shaped pillowcases.

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The FlamsecuR™ wipe & dry flame retardant waterproof v-shaped pillow benefits from a breathable and waterproof outer and has a white wipe down outer to protect against unwanted spills or stains.

It's orthopaedic firm support to the shoulders and back makes it ideal for use when sitting up in bed, especially with the comfortable filling.

Features a vapour permeable FlamsecuR™ spun polyester PU coated outer which is flame retardant to BS7175 Source 5, meeting standards for use in public sector environments. Ideal for use in care homes and nursing homes or other demanding environments.

A FlamsecuR™ hollowfibre filling is easy to care for and benefits from low water retention at laundering, saving time during the wash process.

This pillow measures 76 x 76 x 33cm.

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V-Shaped - 76 x 76 x 33cm

Features Flame Retardant, Waterproof
Material 100% Polyester
Filling Hollowfibre
Brand Vision

Synthetic Fill Wash Guide

Our wash instructions are only a guide and might not be suitable for the care process you require. Please contact us if you are not sure about any of the information provided below. For more tips on how to care for our products see our laundry advice guide.

Machinery – Washer Extractor
Not suitable for laundering in Continuous Batch Washers as blockages are most likely to occur.

Loading – Load to 50% of visual capacity. Do not overload the machine as the filling can collapse and be crushed. Under loading will allow the goods to move freely, increase the area in contact with the wash liquor and allow for adequate cleaning.

Washing Frequency – Synthetic fill does not support the growth of bacteria so should only require laundering if the goods become soiled. Correct laundering is key to ensure an adequate lifespan.

Wash Process

  • Recommended Detergent Quantity: 20g/kg. The higher detergent quantity will make for a more efficient wash at a lower temperature.
  • Prewash: Wash in a medium dip level at 38°C for 4 minutes using ⅓ of the total detergent quantity. The prewash will soften protein stains such as food, vomit, blood etc and must not exceed 38°C. Temperatures in excess of this will set protein stains making removal very difficult or even impossible.
  • Main Wash: Low dip level at 40°C for 8 minutes using the remaining ⅔ of the detergent plus 2 – 4mls/kg of mid-range *emulsifier to remove any oily stains and skin oils or grease from creams etc.
  • Rinse 1: High dip level for 3 minutes with 6ml/kg Sodium Hypochlorite if necessary for stain removal.
  • Interspin: 1 minute. This is very useful to improve rinse efficiency as more residual wash chemicals will be removed.
  • Rinse 2: High dip level for 3 minutes. A suitable Antichlor should be added to the final rinse to fully neutralise the hypochlorite and prevent fabric damage.
  • Drain and Final Extract: Spin for 6 minutes at high speed.


  • Tumble Dry. Use a dryer matched to the washing machine.
  • Load to give 33% visual capacity when dry. The filling needs adequate room to move freely and dry properly. Overloading can crush the filling.
  • Dry on the polyester temperature setting. Do not dry at high temperature. This can cause synthetic fibres to begin melting, become sticky and bond together which will cause irreversible clumping of the fill. Do not over-dry.
  • To prevent clumping of the filling or if clumping occurs (due to general entanglement rather than bonded by melting), add soft heavy rubber balls in the tumble dryer to help break up and distribute the filling.

Emulsifiers are used to help remove oils and greases and are cheaper and more effective than increasing the quantity of detergent. Emulsifiers typically fall into 3 categories depending on the type of oil/grease to be removed:

  • Spa oil
  • Kitchen fats/oils
  • Engineers oil/grease and shoe polish

It is essential that the correct emulsifier type is used as not all emulsifiers will remove the full range of oils/greases. The appropriate product to use is best discussed with a reputable detergent supplier.


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