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A neutral cream coloured flame retardant blanket that is suitable for allergy sufferers. Best used in the healthcare industry in care homes and similar establishments.

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A 100% polyester neutral coloured blanket that is suitable for allergy sufferers and features our unique flame retardant protection to BS5866-4:1991 Source 5.

It features a unique cellular construction to retain heat whilst remaining lightweight. During laundering, it retains size and colour.

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Material 100% Polyester
Brand Vision

Blanket Wash Guide

Our wash instructions are only a guide and might not be suitable for the care process you require. Please contact us if you are not sure about any of the information provided below. For more tips on how to care for our products see our laundry advice guide.

Machinery: – Washer-extractor/continuous catch washer (tunnel washer).

Loading – Load factor = 10 litres of the cage capacity per kg of dry linen for washer-extractors.

Wash Process

  • Recommended detergent quantity: 20g/kg. The higher detergent quantity will make for a more efficient wash at a lower temperature. Detergents which do not contain OBA (Optical Brightening Agents - enhance whiteness) are highly recommended. If detergents which contain OBA are used, the OBA will build upon the fabric surface and mask the true shade. This is often mistaken for colour fading. OBA build-up will reduce the intensity of the colour and can sometimes completely change the shade in certain shade areas such as beige, ivory and grey.
  • Prewash: Wash in a medium dip level at 38°C for 4 minutes using ⅓ of the total detergent quantity. The prewash will soften protein stains such as food, vomit, blood etc and must not exceed 38°C. Temperatures in excess of this will set protein stains making removal very difficult or even impossible. Gentle Action. Do not bleach.
  • Main wash: Low dip level at 40°C for 8 minutes using the remaining ⅔ of the detergent. Gentle Action.
  • Rinse 1: High dip level for 3 minutes
  • Interspin: 1 minute. This is very useful to improve rinse efficiency as more residual wash chemicals will be removed.
  • Rinse 2: High dip level for 3 minutes
  • Drain and final extract: Spin for 6 minutes at high speed.


  • Tumble dry. Use a dryer matched to the washing machine.
  • Dry on the polyester temperature setting. Do not dry at high temperature.
  • Do not over-dry

Notes for continuous batch washer (tunnel washer)

Continuous batch washers can vary in configuration so it is difficult to give specific instructions. However, general guidelines apply:-

Load sequencing: Sequencing of wash load type is important to ensure residual dyes and or chemicals are not transferred on to subsequent white batches. If the features of the machine permit, ensure bath exchange is conducted particularly when processing new coloured work i.e. the bath is drained and not recycled.

Detergents: Typically approximately half of the amount of the detergent used in the washer-extractor is used due to the lower volume of water in the tunnel washer. Advice on appropriate quantities should ultimately be sought from the detergent supplier.

Prewash: Ensure the temperature of the recycled water in the first prewash zones of the tunnel does not exceed 40°C. Temperatures above 40°C will set protein stains which cause greying/fixing of stains which cannot be subsequently removed.

Press cycle: Press at approximately 15 bar to minimise creasing.

Filters: Clean regularly to prevent lint build-up and colour contamination on subsequent work.


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